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Passion Panties - Added 17/09/2018
This little red number is what I like to call my Passion Panties, because whenever I slip into these, I just know something hot and sexual is going to happen. They compliment my red hair so well but even I must admit, they do look much better wrapped around my ankles...... view the full set
Work Those Fingers - Added 10/09/2018
A few drinks and a bit of dirty chat and myself and Jess ended up in bed. It was inevitable if I'm honest, I couldn't wait to get my hands on that gorgeous little body of hers. We'd both been talking up our finger bashing game on the way to the bedroom so it was only natural that we'd just have to get each other off with just our fingers.... view the full set
Show Off Gets Fucked - Added 03/09/2018
What was I to do? She was just on my bed, wiggling her arse and checking out her pussy in the mirror. I couldn't just sit back and let her have all the fun! I quietly slipped into my strapon cock and let her know what happens to girls that show off!... view the full set
Getting Clean And Dirty - Added 27/08/2018
I know you're not supposed to wear clothes into the bath, but when it comes to gorgeous lingerie and sexy nylon stockings, I'll wear them wherever I please. Jess had the same idea as me, maybe because she was looking so hungrily at mine and hoping I was doing the same to her. Oh, I was for sure, and the moment we got into the bath things got very steamy and our pussies got incredibly wet!... view the full set
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