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Take My Breath Away - Added 31/10/2022
The feeling of being bent over by a petite little thing like Chloe and then having her slip her strapon cock deep inside my pussy as she pulls my hair is one that took my breath away, on more than one occasion. She really know's how use her sex toys, especially on my sweet pussy. I was so worn out after she made me cum, but I still had some energy to repay the favour...... view the full set
Schoolgirl Punishment - Added 24/10/2022
Naughty schoolgirls deserve punishment, don't you think? Especially girls that have been caughty putting their hands in their panties when they should be doing lines in detention! Well my school teacher is a real bitch and very strict. She's got a lot of punishments in mind for us naughty girls, and honestly, I can't wait for it...... view the full set
Supple Body - Added 17/10/2022
I have an incredibly supple body due to the sexy yoga I find myself doing in the bedroom and at the gym. Just think of all the positions you could get my body in if you had the chance. I love to have my arse arched in the air or my legs well over my shoulders as I play with my sweet pussy. Now doesn't that sound like a good idea to you?... view the full set
Perfect In Pantyhose - Added 03/10/2022
They say you're supposed to think outside the box, but wouldn't you like me to be your sex doll just waiting for you at the foot of your bed. Don't worry, my supple body can get me in all sorts of positions, so whenever you need me, just let me out and use me for your desires. When you're finished I'll return to my box like a good little subserviant... ... view the full set
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