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Make Me Wet - Added 19/08/2019
Honestly, it doesn't take much to make me wet, as long as you know what to do with your fingers and your tongue. Taking a shower is always an excuse for me to play with myself though. How am I meant to be getting clean when all my thoughts are so downright dirty!... view the full set
Working Hard - Added 12/08/2019
The office is just so dull, isn't it? So when my cute little arse hits my office chair, I always feel spice things up in the work place. A cute pair of panties and a wicked imagination seem to always do the trick and it isn't long before my mind and my fingers begin wondering...... view the full set
The Photoshoot Girls - Added 05/08/2019
I've never been photographed and filmed by a woman before, but it certainly gave me more of a thrill than normal and this woman in particular new exactly what she wanted to see as myself and Chloe explored each others bodies. I could hear her getting more into it as she told us what to do, but it was a real surprise when she put the camera down and slipped into a strapon cock! Now this is the kind of shoot I just love to do...... view the full set
Passion Panties - Added 29/07/2019
This little red number is what I like to call my Passion Panties, because whenever I slip into these, I just know something hot and sexual is going to happen. They compliment my red hair so well but even I must admit, they do look much better wrapped around my ankles...... view the full set
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