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My Spanks - Added 15/10/2018
I call these black panties my "Spanks", because whenever I wear them and bend over, a hand always seems to smack down on my arse nice and hard. There's just something about the way they hug my bum so tight I guess, and I love it!... view the full set
Behind The Door - Added 08/10/2018
Whose behind the door? Oh, its just me, waiting for you... completely topless. That's ok for you though, right? A little pair of shorts on and not a lot else on seems like the right way to dress when I have a visitor like you!... view the full set
Serving Her - Added 01/10/2018
Oh my Mistress Jane, how I adore you. This isn't the first time I've had the pleasure of her... pleasure, and it certainly won't be the last. The way she teased and punished my pert arse with that cane and paddle of hers drove me absolutely wild. She got my pussy so wet that I couldn't control myself. My panties were soaking wet through as she continued to dominate me...... view the full set
New Hair Colour - Added 24/09/2018
A new hair colour and a saucy black lingerie set seems to have already gotten me in trouble and Mistress Jane is taking full advantage of my sexual desires. She seems to really enjoy the new look and has a whole new idea about how she wants to fuck me. It feels so tender this time but each stroke is firm and makes me feel amazing. ... view the full set
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