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Teddy Girl - Added 25/05/2020
A Teddy is such an adorable piece of lingerie and I just love them. Easily removed and still so sexy at the same time, it's one of my go too pieces when I'm looking to get a bit naughty with a girlfriend, or even by myself!... view the full set
My Spanks - Added 18/05/2020
I call these black panties my "Spanks", because whenever I wear them and bend over, a hand always seems to smack down on my arse nice and hard. There's just something about the way they hug my bum so tight I guess, and I love it!... view the full set
A Little Bit Of Lingerie - Added 11/05/2020
A little bit of lace lingerie goes a long way and I feel so free and excitable when I'm wearig no bra or panties underneath it. The way my fingers feel wrapped in lace as I rub them over my body, exploring my curves and making my nipples rock hard. I don't think i'll need a hand to get myself off in this outfit!... view the full set
The Photoshoot Girls - Added 04/05/2020
I've never been photographed and filmed by a woman before, but it certainly gave me more of a thrill than normal and this woman in particular new exactly what she wanted to see as myself and Chloe explored each others bodies. I could hear her getting more into it as she told us what to do, but it was a real surprise when she put the camera down and slipped into a strapon cock! Now this is the kind of shoot I just love to do...... view the full set
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